Lloyd Price Sportsmanship Scholarship

2022 Recipient(s)

Aimen Gallegos

West Mesa High School Mustangs

Middle Line Backer # 44

Aimen is a leader on and off the field. He is well respected by his team, coaches and opponents. He is a good student and the administration has nothing but praise for Aimen. But most important is Aimen has the qualities that represent the Lloyd Price Sportsmanship Scholarship. He is s a leader, always shows sportsmanship, and always demonstrates respect for officials and opposing players. Aimen is nothing but a pleasure to be around on and off the field.

Jacob Zamora

Mountainair High School Mustangs

Middle Linebacker #5

Jake Zamora is a multi-sport athlete and is one of the captains of the team. He is a very respectful young man that exhibits leadership and sportsmanship on the field.  Numerous on-field examples have been noted for his leadership and sportsmanship. In one instance, his defensive teammates were arguing a call, Jake spoke up and demanded that the team focused on the next play. His teammates did exactly what Jake asked them to do. There have also been countless instances where Jake would knock down a runner and then extend his hand to help him up. Jake simply leads by example and is respected by teammates. After the game, Jake would make a point to. run to the officiating crew to shake hands and say “Thank you” before joining his team at the 50-yard line to shake hands of the opponents.  Jake Zamora is an exemplary example of compete with class and is deserving of the Lloyd Price Sportsmanship Scholarship.

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